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Have a Great Day...
22nd of December 2020
Your World is within You !
What comes to your mind when you think of the World? Mostly it will flash to you what is the outside view of nature and people. If world means the nature and people around us, why the world of people varies. Why it is not same for all of us?

Same situations or same people can give a blissful feeling to one but can make others miserable. Isn't it?

So, it depends lot on your mental state, taste and liking. Taste and liking are very very personal thing. You might not agree to change it. But what if you change it and it makes your world beautiful ? Its better to change the taste and liking rather than expecting the outer world to change which may not ever happen.

And mental state is all in all. If you feel good from inside, everything in outside world will look beautiful otherwise everything will look dull.

So now it becomes simpler process that keep your mental state happy to keep your world wonderful .

Secret is - do not search for something outside which will make you happy rather do something which is in your control to make yourself happy.

First keep yourself in good state and then see the world to have a good experience. Vice-versa is a big mistake.

So nurture your inner world to make your outer world beautiful !