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Unhappy with Mariage Life
Tough Decision ! DIVORCE !
Spouse is Cheating
Fight wih Spouse
Domestic Violence
What will happen to my Child !

We all enter into the beautiful institution of Marriage to live a happy life. As they say marriages are made in heaven but have to managed on Earth. Like Marital relationship is strong bond tied with silk threads and it requires commitments from the both sides to have a meaningful and blissful married life.

Unfortunately, for many it this match becomes a mismatch! Reasons can be many like differences in life style, value system, expectations, etc. Regular fights, arguments and adjustments can be very stressful. You might be loving a part of the person but some part is hurting you badly. You might be in a fix what to do and you may try every possible way to sort it out. But Alas! none of them is working!

When the married life is strained, it creates lot of stress and anxiety which is not healthy. It must be sorted out soon before it causes more damage!

It’s a daily dealing with that anxiety. You want a solution for it but somehow all door seems to be closed and you might be thinking “my spouse is incorrigible” and nothing can be done.

Many couples get in touch with us with the same thought as yours but after talking to our counsellors they carry a different perspective. They start thinking differently. Our experts help you to look at the same issue from various angles which can help you to take some unbiased decisions based on facts and for which you will never regret in your life.

So do not bottle up and live with your feelings. Talk it out, discuss and sort it out. Take some positive actions which can heal your relationship and bring it back to the normalcy where you can cherish it.

If few talks with an Experts can help out with one of the most important relationships of your life they why to wait for?

Common reasons for unhappy married life:
  • Difference in opinion with the spouse
  • A dominating husband/wife
  • Domestic Violence
  • Adjusting with in-laws in a problem
  • You married forcefully and love someone else
  • Spouse is cheating
  • Impotency
  • You are not able to cope up with responsibilities