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Have a Great Day...
24th of December 2021
What if….

For most of the people the reason for not trying something new something different is the FEAR. Fear of 'what if'. This is a hook which holds you back. Mostly mind thinks of all negatives in this 'what if' zone when it is fueled by fear. If fear is replaced by enthusiasm and positive outlook , these 'what ifs' will show beautiful opportunities.


In life favorable and unfavorable situations will come, there is no doubt about it. Prepare yourself to face this better. Come out of the vicious circle of this 'what if' fear. This fear will never let you grow. This will only allow you to do least of your capabilities.


To grow and move ahead, unknowns will be there and uncertainties will be challenge sometimes These unknows and uncertainties unfold lot of new experience and lot of new ways for you to explore. When you hold yourself back, you devoid yourself from too many good things which can be yours.


Explore your own capabilities by trying what you desire for. Do not be afraid of failures. There is no one who is judging you except you yourself. Break all mental assumptions. Fear is just in your mind. List of 'what ifs' are your own creation, present just in your mind.


Do not create threat for yourself through your thoughts. Use your thoughts for creative work which is good for you, for your family and for your society.


Make it a point  that your every what if…. should end with a positive note. The difference will show up soon in your life.