Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
4th of March 2021
Carve Yourself

Stop for a moment. Look back and see your life from childhood till now in front your eyes as if you are watching a movie. What do you see? Focus on the situations which has created a big impact on you. See from childhood till what age you were just following instructions.

You can see a slow transition in your life where you would have started taking your own decisions. See what impact has it made to you when you started taking decisions for yourself. This is the time from when you started carving yourself.

Surprised! Today whatever you are, there is huge contribution it to from your end. You might say you were not aware but constantly you have been shaping up yourself. Once you realize this fact then obviously you would like to be a good craftsman.

This is the time to observe and pay attention to your thoughts, actions and goals. Once you pay attention then you can very skillfully manage it to carve yourself into a beautiful human being which you always wanted to be.

So, carve yourself beautifully in all respect, aligning it to your desired "YOU".