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8th of May 2021
Power of Silence

Do you know you can communicate with your silence as well ?  Yes, your silence can solve many issues which probably your words are failing to do.

Silence can mend many issues and solve many problems. Exercising silence is a great gift. Many a times words create many confusion and misunderstanding. Words are very powerful in all respects. Words can create bridges but can also break bridges. Words have to be chosen carefully to convey but silence is just one. Just one way representation.

Silence has the power to recreate. Silence has the power to heal others. Silence has the power to disagree without fighting.

Many a times your silence will be heard more than your words. Use words carefully ensuring that the right meaning is reaching to the audience. When in confusion exercise silence.

Silence has the magic which cannot be created by words. Use this magic for your well being. Use the power of silence to create an impactful life.