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10th of November 2021
Balance in Life

As you move ahead in the journey of life and take more responsibilities, your ability to handle more increases. But many a times things drop from you and you try to search for balance in life. The juggling become very difficult sometimes.


Stability and balance is what life always desire for. Life is changing every moment, it is never stagnant. Its flowing and changing every minute. To keep things in place all the time is very challenging. Now one clarity is required- this balance what you are looking for, is for your mental satisfaction that you are managing everything well and you are putting required attention to all your tasks at hand or to all aspects of your life.


Pay attention - this balance in life is entirely your personal judgement based on what you desire and what is your action. When you are not happy with your own actions against your desire, you feel the reason is your circumstances which is not allowing you take the desired actions and forcing you to take some compromised actions.


Why to think that your actions are compromised, why can't is that this is the best action taken by you based on the circumstances what you have! When you give your 100% then there is no room for dissatisfaction and there is question of compromise. If you see the things factually, we will observe that perfect life only exists in movies and stories. Life is journey where you are deal with as it comes.


Just be your best version at every moment whatever you do. You will see you are always balanced, and your life is also balanced. Even if it is off balance for sometime, focus on your actions and readjust it to bring the balance back.


If you are balanced - your life is balance. Take care of yourself first!