Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
28th of July 2021
Speak Positive

You think and you speak. Sometimes you do not think and you speak and sometime you only think and do not speak. What you speak and how you speak is direct or indirect reflection of how do you feel inside. Your entire being comes out through your words and voice.


The way your feeling impacts what you speak, what you speak impacts how you feel. Many a times you feel very good after you say something and sometimes you feel miserable. If it is not easy to control your emotions most of the time then you must force yourself to speak positive. When you speak positive, automatically you give yourself a pep talk and it brings you back to your productive state.


Positive affirmations, when spoken with belief and with regularity, creates a big difference in how you feel. Feelings and what you speak are hugely dependent on each other. Whenever one is down, ask the other one to assist immediately.


It is important to understand that if you have control over what you speak then you must choose to speak positive all the time. When you speak positive, everything around  you behaves in certain positive way. Your internal state become positive. You hear your own words and feel good about yourself.


Instead of waiting someone to come and inspire you, just get up and speak positive things to yourself and to others. You will see a remarkable difference how things would turn to assist you.


Always, always and always - Speak Positive!