Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
21st of December 2020
Today - A Fresh Start
Do not let your past hold you back. Past is just in your memory. Past does not exist. Whatever has happened, has happened. What may come you can never change your past. It is over.

Realize it - PAST is OVER. If you re-live your past, your thoughts and emotion will be in past which will make you handicap to move forward.

Today is a new day and a new start. When you start your day, do not think about past. Think its a new day, new possibility, new hope.

You are a new person today with more confidence and with more energy who can think of solutions of any ongoing problem. Past has taught you experience and past challenges have made you stronger. You are no longer the same person today what you were yesterday. You will not repeat the same mistakes of past but will use your experience and wisdom of past to move forward.

If anytime your past thoughts bother you, immediately get into some engaging physical activity or some engrossing mental work where you can beat those thoughts.

Take a fresh look at today as a new day and give your best shot at it.

Every day of life counts. Put effort to make your today count.