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12th of January 2021
Choose Your Reaction

In my office I sit next to my colleague who is a customer support. I have observed that he starts very politely the way training has been given but after sometime, the way of talking is entirely different. Sometimes its very soft, sometimes very agitated, sometimes mechanical and sometimes very engaging. After every call he would tell how the customer was. After few days, by listening my colleague's voice modulation I can make out how is the person on the other side.

So my colleague's conversation was entirely controlled by the other person. He is just reacting and not taking control of the conversation. His supervisor sent him for training again so that he can control his emotions and stick to the protocols. After finishing the training the same guy started talking in very friendly way in every call. No one can make out what and how the customer is on the other side.

I asked him if he is seeing any change in customer's response by his change. With much delight he said that it really works. He said " A customer may start in agitated mode but when I maintain my calm and keep answering all his questions, slowly I see customer also calms down and talk the way I talk. This has increased my repeat customers and I can see customers hang up with a smile and ease".

Is this not our story on how we deal with anyone? Most of us react as per the reaction of the person. If given a chance I am sure you will choose every reaction which will create less friction.

Slow down on every reaction and steal time to choose your reaction. When you choose your reaction, you are in full control of your own. You are more powerful.

You have the power to choose your reaction by just delaying your reaction for sometime. When you choose , you will always choose the one which will give the best results.

So choose your reactions wisely!