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13th of January 2021
Check Your Load

What happens to you when you lift some object and carry it for long ? You experience physical fatigue, isn't it?

Have you ever realized when you carry some loaded thoughts for long it creates metal fatigue in similar way? Probably not.

You do not realize that you carry lot of thoughts in your head for long even if it is of no use all the time. Many a times this causes stress.

Physical things are quite visible to all so taking care of it is easy. But when something impacts mentally it is not visible to anyone until very serious. Surprisingly mental load is not realized by you unless you pay attention.

Yes , your mental habit impacts your mental health. Try to observe your mental habits. Do your mind brood over past too much or does it get stuck in some thought which is not healthy for you etc etc. If you observe your mental habit, you can find out which habit is good for you and which habit is draining you off.

You will find out that you keep thinking about something for too long when not required and it saps all your energy. It will be good if you keep your problem and worry aside and pick it up for thinking when you want. That time you will be able to think creatively to find solution of the problem.

Use your mental energy first to do something which energizes you then jump into the problem which needs attention. If all the time mind is fighting out with negative thoughts then it is bound to feel loaded all the time.

Time to time mental behavior check is required so that you can intervene and correct the course of thought.

So its time to check your mental load!