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20th of December 2020
What We Do – Do we do it for Others or for Ourselves?
Have you ever wondered whatever you do, you do for whom? Is it for others or for yourself ? Think for a moment if you go to work every morning, for whom do you go? If you are working on any project or task, is it for the employer? If you are at home and doing home chores for whom you are doing?

If you think you do it for others, think for a moment. If you do it for others then not doing that task should not impact you or bother you in any way because it is for somebody else!

Does it ring some bell?

If not doing the task really doesn't bother you then it is your choice that you are doing it for others philanthropically. But why would you do? May be someone has told you to do so or you feel good by doing that work. There must some reason for doing something which directly or indirectly impacts you. Isn't it? It may be just getting a good feeling or expecting some appreciation from others or to display your greatness to someone or to get some satisfaction that you followed that holy scripture which says to help someone without expecting something and in turn you get the blessing. In all of the scenarios you are getting something.

Now coming to other part, where you cannot stop your office work even though you do not like and you may think you do every task for the employer. But I am sure you do that for yourself as you expect the paycheck for yourself. You clean your house because you cannot leave in the mess. You cook because you cannot remain hungry. You cook for others because you cannot leave your kids hungry whom you have brought to this world. So, while doing the work you may think that effort you are putting is for others but deep down the motive is to get something for yourself.

So, did you notice that at the end whatever we do we do it just and just for ourselves? If you still have any doubt, then think about every task you perform from morning till night. Make a list and against each write that you do this for whom. Where your answer is - for Others. Think why you are doing that for Others. I am sure you will get something for yourself directly or indirectly. If you do not get any connection with yourself for that task and that means you do not even enjoy it, stop it immediately as it will not make any difference to your life.

Best part is at the end of this activity the task list what you would have finally prepared is the one which you are doing for yourself. Now since you are doing something for yourself, won't you do it in the best possible way?

I am sure you will do and you will do everything happily - Just for yourself!