Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
8th of April 2021

Excellence -  something at its best. Excellence is not a destination or goal. It is not an outcome of something. It is an ongoing process which reflects in whatever you do. Your excellence has nothing to do with anyone in this world. It is not comparative at all. It is just yours.

Create your own excellence by stretching your own limits. Explore your own skills, potentials, limitations and beliefs. Put your heart and soul in whatever you do. See a better version of yourself everyday. Its is you who has to take steps to surpass your excellence. You have to create your own benchmark and cross it to say "yes I have done it".

Excellence is a habit which you must inculcate and practice. Practice to put your best effort in whatever you do. Stretch your imagination to increase your creativity. Do not wait for a push from someone. You might not be lucky to get a push then you will not know the flavor of excellence.

There is beauty to achieve excellence in whatever you do. You will see you will get more strength more ideas as you want more. There is no end of excellence. You must show your excellence in whatever you touch.

Create your own excellence and set examples for others to strive more.