Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
7th of April 2021
Your Inner Energies

There are many forces and energies working on you all the time. Few are external and few are internal. External factors are not much in your control. What best you can do is to keep your inner energies in good shape. This in turn will impact the outer factors to some extent.

You are driven by yourself. There is something inside you which makes you go. Do a time to time check of your inner energies and inner power. By paying attention you can feel the difference on when it is at its best and when it is low. This will show some pattern and connection with your lifestyle. It can be level of your physical activity or your food habit or your interactions with people. Take a note of it. These are your power energies which boosts you up.

When you understand how it varies and what are those moments which has made you feel the best, try to see how you can recreate such energies inside you. Do not associate it with any materialistic acquisition as that is not a real satisfaction. Count those factors only where the reasons to make you feel is your actions which you can repeat when you want.

Identify some actions which enhances your inner energies and bring the best out of you!