Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
23rd of December 2021
Trust the Creator

There is some power which is making the Earth sustain lives, which is making the sun shine and which is making every creature experience life. There is some force which makes everything happen which we call it Nature. There is a creator of this nature.


Creator has created everything so perfect that everything works together in coherence. You are a part of this coherence. You are a part of the big creation which is so wonderful. Without you there will be a missing piece.


When creator is taking care of so many big and complex things then definitely you are also being taken care by the creator. As you are the creation of the creator.


Creator takes care of everything it creates in the best possible way. The problem happens when you try to mess up with it. Do not interfere and try to find out gaps in creator's creations. Creator's creation is the best. Trust the creator and believe you are in the best hands.


Creator is very powerful and intelligent, it does not create anything with flaws. So believe that you are the creation of superpower and you are flawless. Whatever gaps you have, are probably what makes you special. Enjoy your differences. Do not criticize and question the intent of creator's creation.


Just be what you are. Be the best version of yourself. The more you trust the creator, the better you will be taken care.


Believe and feel that you are being taken care in the best possible ways by the creator.

Trust the creator and you will see how everything falls into its place beautifully.