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20th of February 2021
Your Words

Human beings are the only ones on this earth who is blessed with speech. This is a special strength which is bestowed on human beings. The primary use of our speech is to communicate our basic needs which most of the people do in some or other way. But next when it comes to expression of the emotions, then it gets misused many a times.

Your words have immense power. If used in proper way , anything can be achieved. History tells that just by using right words, many leaders have created big movements. When you talk to someone, you must be very conscious of a fact that what outcome you are expecting. Based on what outcome you want , you should choose your words.

On top of everything it is said that universe is always listening to your voice. It is very important that when you speak, you use the right words.

You must say only what you want and what you desire. Universe cannot filter your ambiguous words so you must be very clear on what you want and use your words very appropriately.