Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
29th of December 2020
Enjoy Unpredictability

Suppose by some means you come to know everything about your future with exact details what will happened from now on. Will that be interesting for you ?

Or image how life will be if whatever you desire it happens. Will that be interesting for you ?

In both instances probably you may enjoy it for a day or a week. After that predictable events of life will make your life uninteresting and dull. You will left with no enthusiasm to live the life if everything is known or predictable. Isn't it?

Our life is getting created every moment by different circumstances and by our response to those circumstances. Some people who has certain mastery over their reaction are creating their life every moment in a way which was not known before.

Unknowingly the unpredictable future allows us to dream, to do better and gives us hope to look forward to tomorrow.

Unpredictable tomorrow gives us an opportunity to correct our mistakes, to rebuild what is broken, to create our dream and to explore the untouched areas of life.

It is a blessing that life is unpredictable and we must be thankful for this.

Be happy and feel powerful that tomorrow is unpredictable, a clear board where you can draw what you want.