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10th of February 2021
Your Purpose

Human being does everything with a purpose. Some purpose is encoded in cells for survival. Some purpose is created out of desire. In early days of growth the purpose changes very fast. The purpose is mostly related to acquire things.

As you grow old, the shape of purpose changes and it starts looking for satisfaction more. Now this is the time when an introspection is required - by looking at your past, your desires, your understanding of yourself and how you want to live in the coming years.

Sometimes this can create a lot of confusion. But you have to go through this confusion until you get the clarity. By rethinking and reevaluating  you can arrive at something which is more meaningful to you. You might reinvent yourself in a new way through this entire process.

Purpose is always attached to every action. If you are aware of it then you can drive this purpose for what you want. Else it will be random and your search for purpose will never end.

Do you know the purpose of the actions you are taking?