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18th of January 2021
Your Own Space

Have you ever felt that you feel very good at few places and at few places you feel uncomfortable without any apparent reasons? You get good vibes at some places and start feeling refreshed when you are there. Every space has some energy. But interestingly this energy impacts different people differently.

Do you have some place at your home which has similar effect? Means whenever you are there, automatically you start feeling good. It may be the place where you worship, or your study table or your terrace or your kitchen. Need not be a separate space , may be shared but some place which creates good feeling.

If you have not yet identified then find out or create it. There must be some place where you will be just with yourself. Create connections with the objects around you in that place. Feel as if objects and surrounding are known to you. They know you so much that even if you do not speak they know your emotions and they understand you in and out.

When you have such a place, you will be able to recharge yourself whenever you are in need. Just being at that space will perk you up with fresh energy and thoughts. Every space has some energy. Your own space will carry a special energy just for you which will help you to drop your worries and come up with solutions. This space will absorb your stress and will infuse you with its positive energy.

Do you have your own space? If no, create one now!