Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
20th of March 2021
Your Experience

What determines the quality of your life - it is what you experience. Everything in your life is driven by your experience. If you have experienced something good you would want to repeat that else you would not even think of it.

You make your experience rich by focusing on things which matters to you and which is valuable to you. Something might be valuable to your friend or relatives, it may not be same for you. Everyone has their own path in life and choices are very different. Your experience is unique and it is only for you.

Few things might depend upon the situation where you do not have much control. Those time might be difficult but that is also an experience of learning. Learning things about life and how to deal with it. Next time you will handle same in a better way.

In every situation you can make your experience of life rich, sometimes enjoyable and sometimes just a leaning.