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29th of March 2021
Stop Expecting

Many a times you might be complaining thinking someone will come and help you. You might scream, you might shed tears, you might exaggerate how you feel but still nothing happens. This whole exercise of expecting from others will make you feel more helpless.

You must come out of this trap before you break down. Expecting from others to some extent is fine. But your dependency on the expectation is harmful. Whenever you get the necessary help from others, just feel grateful and thank for it. Think this is more what you have got. This will give you immense satisfaction. And on the other side, when your words are not heard then you move on without waiting for anyone. This will make you stronger.

You are an independent life and you have come on this earth to sustain on your own. Whenever you get some assistance to support your sustenance you must utilize it properly. You cannot ask for something by force. You can happily receive it, when you get it, as a gift.
When you stop expecting then you build yourself to do the same work which makes you a better and stronger person who can walk alone towards the dream.