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14th of January 2021
Stillness and Silence

Do you spend anytime sitting still and silent? You would have noticed that it is very difficult to sit still when you are highly disturbed.

Many people keep themselves always busy. They need something to get distracted all the time. Few people can never be alone. They always need someone around to talk.

Distractions may take you away from your worries for some time. But it can never resolve your concerns. It is assumed that distractions will make you happy but distractions fool you for some period of time. It delays your actions which causes more worry.  Business in activity is very good but using business as an excuse for not facing your worries is way of escaping.

Try to sit still in silence everyday. You will see all kinds of thoughts will start to come up in your mind. Initially it might be a big discomfort for you  to sit still but gradually you will develop the habit. You will see you will find answers to many of your questions during this stillness.

It is important that you practice stillness and silence as it will clear lot of your doubts. You will be more creative and will get less troubled by your issues in life.

Stillness and silence have great powers!