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Have a Great Day...
23rd of February 2021
Smile, Smile and Smile

How do you feel when you see someone smiling? If the person is looking at you and is total unknown then also your 1st response is to smile back. Isn't it? Smiling is contagious. Smiling people always look good.

Few people always smile until there is a reason to frown.On the other hand there are people who look for reasons to smile.Those who wait for reasons to smile see problems everywhere. On the contrary those who always smile, do not see any problem anywhere. For such people everything is fine all the time.

Bringing a smile on your face costs you nothing but still many find it very difficult.When you smile your body and mind is in blissful state. When you look at others and smile, you spread that blissfulness to others. A small gesture can bring a huge difference in your disposition and how your energy is around you.

Try the act of smiling and create a difference in your life.