Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
29th of January 2021

At a high level you will see how perfectly nature has created everything and have a balance. If you do a deep dive then you will find how everything is imperfect but still co-exist.That is the beauty of the nature that with its imperfections everywhere it creates a space a for everything which seems to be well planned and perfect.

If you want to see perfection you will find it. If you look for imperfection you will find it. For existence both are required. It is just a matter of your attention what you are focusing on.

Pay attention to yourself and try to find out what motivates you - a view where you see world is beautiful and things work or a gloomy view of the world where everything is problematic. You must see what motivates you and gives you energy to move forward. In absolute terms no one knows if perfection exists but you can try to be near perfect.

Thriving for perfection is good but seeing everything imperfect saps your good energy. Maintain a balance. There is reason for all imperfections in this world. Trust that reason and embrace imperfection same as perfection.