Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
4th of February 2021
Observe Your Thoughts

Your thoughts create your reality. You are what you think you are. Your thoughts have a huge impact on your actions and emotions. Your emotions and thoughts create all your actions. Thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions, they all are dependent on each other.

You have no control on reactions i.e. reaction of outside factors based on your actions. You have all control on your actions. But the difficult part is that your actions are fueled by your emotions and thoughts. It is not impossible but very difficult to manipulate actions ignoring emotions and thoughts.

Can you control your emotions? To control your emotions you have to take help of your thoughts. You can not generate good feeling by thinking everything around is bad. At end it is the thought which can give be little flexible in manipulation. Now thoughts are also dependent on the emotions and actions. But it is possible to generate a new thought altogether.

You will need some force and strong will to generate a new thought which is not sync with your existing emotions and actions. The moment you are able to generate this new thread of thoughts, you can see immediately your emotions will fall in place inline with your thoughts. As soon as thoughts and emotions are synced up, actions are bound to get aligned.

To get started, you can go little reverse. You decide what reaction you want from outside world. Then analyze it and try to get your actions what is required to do so. Now these actions can be thought through and force can be generated which will push you towards your goal.

Observe your thoughts and take control over it to create your new reality.