Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
25th of January 2021
Live Your Everyday

Are you living everyday or you are just planning to start living someday? You were not asked or told when you were born, nor you will be asked or told when your days are over. You just know your past and you are here feeling your present moment. You can just assume with your thoughts what will be in future which is just a thought and not real.

Even your past is also something which is over and now its just like a story in your memory, which you can replay as many times as you want but it will never change. But yes you can interpret it in different ways. So for real action you are only left with your present moment.

Planning for tomorrow is good but your living should no way start tomorrow. Do not lose today for tomorrow. Utilize your present moment in the best possible way you can with whatever resources you have. Your every action today will add up to create a beautiful life for tomorrow. Tomorrow is just an imagination and it only becomes real when it becomes today.

Live your everyday and let today be a stepping stone for tomorrow!