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26th of January 2021
Inner Freedom

Everyone understands the importance of freedom. Even animals who do not think much love freedom. Do you think you are free?

You might be an independent person financially which gives you lot of freedom for lot of choices. Or you might be a dependent person whose freedom to exercise few things is in someone else' s control. But have you ever thought about your inner freedom? Are you free from your fears? Are you free from your desires? Are you free from the jealousy feeling? Are you free from stress or anxiety?

These are the things which drives your actions in a way which is not suitable for your growth. They have huge influence on your everyday decision making. Until your mind is free , you are always driven by such emotions. External freedom is easier to achieve and it has dependency on lot of external factor. In some scenarios probably such constraint are needed. But if you are not free from your own thoughts which holds you back then even if you have all external freedom, you will not be at peace.

Most important thing is to be mentally free from any thoughts which does not assist you to move ahead. Do not allow any thought the power to drive you which you do not want. Your thoughts should help you to fly. Examine your emotions and thoughts, stop entertaining any if it creates pain and anxiety.

Establish your inner freedom to experience a life which is limitless.