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3rd of March 2021
Change of your Route

Never be afraid of changing your route. You grow up seeing your parents and the society around you. When you are very small your parent's ways are the ways the world run. Later when you interact outside in your community, for you that is the world. When you further see the world when you go out to work, you start seeing the world very differently.

Now depending upon how you have experienced the life, slowly you chalk out a plan for your own and then you follow that. When few things does not fall in place as per your plan you feel broken and failed. If you observe carefully what has not worked or marked as failure is mostly evaluated as per the parameters of the society. If you ask yourself you will see them as just a learning and that is an indication that you should try out some other ways.

The society forces you to conclude few things quite fast in terms of success or failure.In reality, for you, such judgement or conclusion is not required. Whenever you hit a roadblock, immediately change your route keeping the focus on your goal. Change of route is not bad. It shows your agility to adapt to the situation.

So be flexible and change your route as per the situation and need. Never cry over the blocks, this may be a nature's sign to re-route you to the correct path towards your goal!