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16th of March 2021
Beyond Yourself

Do you spend a lot of time to take care of yourself? Do you judge everything from the point of view whether you like it or not? Do you expect everything to happen as per your wish around yourself? If so, then you must pay attention and try to see what is there beyond yourself.

Sometimes you are so engrossed in your thoughts and problems that you forget that there exists a world outside you which is governed not by you. The moment you realize, you will understand that lot of your expectations are probably not appropriate. Everyone has their own priorities in life. Your priorities are just yours. If you expect others to pay the same kind of attention as yours for your matter then that will be totally wrong.

You must break the illusion what you have built around you that everything must work as per your wish. Such desire is good and you can work for this but expecting from others is a problem.

If you want a fulfilled life you have to look beyond yourself. You will dissolve lot of assumptions which you have created about yourself.