Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
11th of February 2021
Be Grateful

Nature has created many things and all have its relevance in its own place. Nature never compares and never discriminates. It gives opportunity to everyone to thrive.

Comparison is created by human beings. Humans compare in every respect size, color, shape, relevance etc. But interestingly at any point of time you will always find someone is better than you and someone is lesser than you. Its just a matter of paying attention. If you just look at someone who has more , then you have lesser. And this particular thought gives you a sense of inadequacy. Now if you look at only those who have less than you, you will always feel that you have abundance and you will be full of pride.

If you try to see without any discrimination and understanding, then you will feel that whatever you have is enough for you. There are people ahead of you and people behind. So this clarity in understanding will help you to feel blessed.

It is just a matter of your focus. You must feel grateful for whatever you are today. When you thank the nature, nature gives you more.

Always be grateful for whatever you have!