Daily Motivational Thoughts

Have a Great Day...
21st of March 2021
A Better You

Look back in time and see yourself. 1 year back, 2 years back, 5 years back and 10 years back. How do you see yourself? Do not see the events in your life or your situations, see just yourself. Your focus will go to the happening of your life and what affected you. Do not get stuck there, bring your attention back to yourself- Just observe yourself.

Pay attention to what were your thoughts those days, how you handled different things and how you handled yourself those days. Slowly traverse the time from then to now.

Do you see any difference in yourself? Do you find yourself stronger than before, do you find yourself a better person than before?  If not, then try to understand why not, what did not work for you and stopping you to become a better person. Do some changes which can take you to a better you.

If you see yourself as a growing person, moving ahead in life with confidence and with more clarity then keep doing what you are doing.