Whom Are You Competing With?

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Reaching our goals depends on how well we trod the path to the goals. Is there a competition with someone else in your way to reach the goal?

What is a competition?

Competition by itself is neither good nor bad. In biology, competition between organisms is a natural result of evolution.
Humans’ tendency to compete may be a natural outgrowth of this biological competition.

Competitiveness is a measure of a person’s desire to surpass others.

A teen may compare their social media popularity to their friends’ rankings, even though there is no explicit reward for having the most followers is a classic example.

If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better.

The size of your success depends upon the depth of your desire. Individual differences in competitive orientations can have critical effects on performance in acheivement situations.

The two aspects of competition can be constructive and destructive that can have intrapersonal and interpersonal consequences.

Healthy levels of competition can help improve self-esteem and increase enjoyment of life. It can also motivate people to work harder toward their goals.
However, an individual who feels they must win at all costs may burn themselves out or alienate others. A highly competitive person is more likely to see a situation as a competition, even when there is no explicit winner or loser. When competitiveness causes emotional distress or disrupts someone’s daily life, that person may wish or seek to get professional help.

Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday. You're only competing with yourself. Everything else is irrelevant. If you believe otherwise, you're doing it wrong.

People will be in competition with you and still be losing.
Everyone loves you until you become competition.

Pledge today, i am not in competition with anyone, but myself. I am not looking to follow others or pull them down. I have no desire to play the game of being better than others.

My goal is to improve myself, to be better than I was before. I am planning to test my own boundaries. I run my own race. That's me and I am free!

Don't compare yourself to others.
Be one of a kind. Be your own competition. You are your own competition. Outwork them! Look in the mirror and that's your competition!

Y-O-U are your only competition.