Should I go for counseling? No, if this question has not crossed your mind ever.


No, if this question has not crossed your mind ever.

Yes and for sure yes if this question has ever come to your mind.

Indian mentality on mental wellness is still the same as it was sung by late actor Rajesh Khanna in Amar Prem. Kuchh to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna. And because of this feeling that what people will say we tend to keep ourselves away from visiting and seeking help from a counselor. Although people perceive seeking counseling services as taboo but the reality is if the proper counseling is not done at the right time then the existence and living a healthy life itself becomes a big question mark.

One must choose between the two:

1.       What will people think when they come to know about it


2.       Let me suffer the way I am suffering and deteriorate my condition

Both the options are tough and not easy to choose any one of them  but if you look carefully the second choice is more detrimental and hazardous.  Let’s take a logical view point here. If you visit a counselor and suppose your friends come to know about you then the good and bad things would be that some will support you and some might deride you. The worst thing of people mocking at you will last for few days or weeks and then it will subside and nobody will be bothering you. Compared to this if you choose option 2 then you will be living with this problem throughout your life and this will be impacting you and your everything in life. The reason for not choosing option 1 that people will mock at me will remain forever and will make you uncomfortable.

Given the situation a logical decision should be to go with option 1 as it has the potential of lessening your suffering and letting you live a healthy normal life that you have always desired for.

Otherwise when you look at the possibilities coming out from meeting and seeking a counselor’s services you find it to be immense. Your pain and suffering can be brought down drastically and even eradicated completely with the right kind of intervention by an expert. Also, you need to understand that any kind of problem in life that we may encounter we must approach toward it with open mind and soul. A fear is a fear a long as you let it stay in your heart but once you take it head on then that fear simply vanishes in the air.

Mental or psychological issues are living inside one’s mind and they are not real but imaginary.  Compared to your physical body which has a kind of real existence the mental conditions do not have real existence and are mere figments of our imagination. And believe it or not your demons live inside you and since they live inside you and feed on your resources so, they make you weaker. And there you need a strong helping hand that can drive the demons out and make you feel better than what you are.

Counselors are not magicians but they are your one of the best friends and they care for you. They are one lot who will ensure that your wellness is their topmost priority. A counselors’ healing touch and words can make your life and world much beautiful worth living and looking forward to the future.

Today’s world has also changed positively and has started accepting the counseling services as normal activities and services like any physician or doctor. The western countries look at this like a normal thing since quite past decades and now India has started following the norms. We Indians have started to understand the need of good counseling and have gradually stopped looking at it like a taboo.

Now let’s revisit the question once again. What are you going to lose by seeking counseling services? Probably all of these;


Suffering, and



And what are you going to gain by seeking counseling?



Happiness, and

Beautiful life.


So, should you seek counseling services? The answer is still “NO” if this question has never crossed your mind.