Rashmi Verma

Nowadays we always heard that someone is suffering from cancer but now it is healable. Many research proves that it is curable. But although many people are not ready to talk about and some people don’t avoid talking about cancer, they have an understanding of it. Cancer is a cluster of various diseases. This is a sign of the uncontrolled growth of uncommon cells. These cells can grow into masses of tissues called tumors. Tumors may be cancerous or non-cancerous. Cancerous tumors attack and destroy nearby tissues and organs and they can spread to other parts of the body.

Types of cancer

Lungs-shortness of breath, blood in cough, continuous cough

Breasts cancer- lumps in breasts, changing of shapes




Prostate etc


Some warning signs of cancer


Irritating cough

Change in bowel

Unusual bleeding

Lumps in breast

Unusual tumor

A sore that is not healing.


Weight loss



There are many reasons for cancer but 80 percent of cases are belongs to our lifestyles, eating habits, and environmental factors.

Some tips to cope with cancer

Change in lifestyle

Control weight

Do not smoke

Avoid drink

Avoid unnecessary ultrasound, Xrays

Do exercise, meditation

Avoid to contact with ultra violate rays, petroleum, and asbestos products

Eat more fiber food

Avoid junk food

Consult to physician regularly to take advise